Hosted Teams

iQBuilding logo

Maintenance Management Software to help asset owners and managers, reduce operational costs by lending technicians, an extra digital hand.

Travel2Fit logo

AI-powered inspiration services for travel sector, fostering personalisation and agility in the decision making process.

Astone logo

A limestone based material that can be used as an alternative textile to plastic materials.

Pet Heaven logo
Pet Heaven

A cemetery for our little friends in Northern Greece.

Foodality logo

Web platform providing solutions for food wasting in tourism industry.

Donkey logo

A platform bringing together parcel senders with travellers who take and deliver sender's package to the respective destination.

Fleetpass logo

A fleet tracking application allowing businesses to track their fleet in real time, communicate and assign routes to them.

ctrlEat logo

An online food delivery platform connecting customers with restaurants using a shared delivery agent network.

ReNew logo

A forecasting of wind energy generated system with the use of satellite data and artificial intelligence techniques.

Envira logo

A software helping insurance companies calculate the risk of flood at any given place for better risk management.

AgroU logo

Platform for finding workers, fields, equipment, training and communication for farmers.

LaMedusaStore logo

Marketplace aiming to promote contemporary fashion and design brands from Greece.

Momentor logo

Platform allowing social media influencers to hold one-on-one video sessions with fans.

Outdoorpoints logo

Online booking platform for outdoor activities worldwide.

REDOC logo

Service and technology solutions for managers of real estate property.

Easybooks logo

Flexible subscription-based software for process automation in small businesses.

Up For What logo
Up For What

Platform helping users pick and mix local athletic activities from multiple providers.

Creativehash logo

Online platform helping UX designers grow their portfolio and improve their skills.

The program

Τeams are selected in consideration of the sustainability of their submitted proposal, and physical interviews. Once selected, they enter a 3-month program starting with a Bootcamp. Thereafter teams are assigned an OK!Thess coach to work towards creating a scalable business model. Each cycle terminates with a DEMO DAY.