12 new teams in acceleration phase during the 10th cycle of OK!Thess

Last Thursday, the OK!Thess Bootcamp was completed successfully, featuring 12 teams with original and innovative business ideas. These teams will participate in the full acceleration program, and receive support to develop and promote their start-ups.

Their idea and business model were presented at the evaluation committee during the pitching event, with 17 of the 23 teams participating in Bootcamp competing for a place in the 10th acceleration cycle. Their innovative ideas were mainly focused in the fields of tourism, insurance, agrotech, e-commerce, IT and other technology sectors.

During the Bootcamp, a 25-hour intensive training program by members of the Volunteer Managers Center (KEMEL)along with OK!Thess’s start-up coaches introduced participants to a specific business model methodology (Lean startup methodology).

The committee that evaluated the teams consisted of representatives from agencies of Thessaloniki involved in the OK!Thess (innovation ecosystem), renowned academics, scientists and professionals with expertise and experience in the field of innovation and business. Specifically, the committee included representatives from the Municipality of Thessaloniki, the Alexandria Innovation Zone, the Aristotle University, the University of Macedonia, the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises, the Greek Exporters' Association, the Computer Science Business Association of Northern Greece and the Business and Cultural Development Centre (KEPA). 

For the 12 teams that passed through the next phase, the journey goes on as they enter this acceleration phase. From January to April, they will attend an intensive training program with specialized workshops/masterclasses, weekly coaching by experienced executives and mentoring by top business executives of the region, in order to make their first steps into startup entrepreneurship.

OK!Thess’s mission and goal is to inspire, support and bring together young entrepreneurs, professionals, researchers, and students in their first steps into startup entrepreneurship.

The teams that take part in the 10th acceleration cycle of OK!Thess are the following:

  1. iQBuilding: An Enhanced Computerized Maintenance Management Software platform to help owners, managers and technicians of all sectors of the economy solve asset management and equipment maintenance problems.
  2. Coolaborate: Using routing optimization algorithms and text-to-speech technologies and vice versa, Coolaborate helps fleet companies minimize new driver’s training, improve routing time, and facilitate road communication, so as to keep driver’s attention stable.
  3. LaMedusaStore: A state-of-the-art electronic platform to help the most interesting and fashionable Greek companies in the field of fashion, design and gastronomy emerge and promote their work to new audiences, utilizing technology and marketing.
  4. Donkey: An online travel-based logistics service interconnection platform that will help potential parcel shippers deliver goods to their desired destinations through the respective travelers faster and cheaper, and also for the benefit of travelers.
  5. Dinein: A food delivery platform to help caterers increase their sales at a reduced cost through a shared delivery network.
  6. AgroU: An application that will inform farmers about the area and quantity of available products. This will facilitate the creation of a route to collect the load from different farmers so that they can export their products more easily. At the same time, the application will provide lifelong training to Greek farmers who do not have this opportunity.
  7. Pet Heaven: A pet cemetery covering the region of Thessaloniki, which will handle the transportation and burial of our little friends.
  8. Astone: Functional and aesthetic products from clothing and footwear to waterproof and bags, made from recycled rock designed to convert waste into everyday products.
  9. foodality: Buffet meal management, so that travelers or hotel guests can enjoy superior quality while minimizing environmental and economic waste.
  10. ReNew: A support decision system to help wind farms and individuals manage their resources efficiently, using the power generation forecasts provided by the system utilizing satellite data and artificial intelligence.
  11. Travel2Fit: Travel inspiration services using artificial intelligence technologies for the tourism industry. The goal is primarily to help travel agents quickly recommend personalized travel destinations that perfectly meet the needs of each traveler concerned.
  12. EROS: A software that allows insurers to assess the likelihood of flooding by using satellite data at any geographic location to better manage risk.